10 Natural Remedies for Common Hair Problems

Hair - By Black Girl With Long Hair - March 07, 2014

Samira Asemanfar, owner of the hair mask bar TheBroot, teaches us how to treat our hair woes the natural way, and shares some remedies for organic DIY at-home treatments. Listed here are the treatments that she recommends

1. Brittle Hair
“Add protein to your diet,” suggests Asemanfar. “Eggs, poultry, or beans will help keep your hair strong and growing.”

2. Fine Hair

If you have thin hair, banana, egg, and oils work wonders. “The banana is one of nature’s best remedies, while the egg is a mighty protein that will give your hair the strength, shine, volume, and texture of your dreams. Oils add strength and moisture.”

Strengthening Hair Mask
- 1/2 Banana
- 1 Egg
- 1 tbsp. Coconut Oil
- 1 tbsp. Olive Oil
- 1 tbsp. Honey
- 2 oz. H20

Mix all ingredients in blender; apply and leave on for 30 to 45 min or 15 to 20 min with a thermal heat cap; thourougly rinse out all mixture from hair; wash with shampoo; condition and do a final rinse with cool water close the hair cuticle to seal in the moisture.

3. Hair Loss

Vitamins B-6 and B-12 should be your new best friends if you want to get your hair’s growth cycle back in gear. Eat dairy and meat products such as milk, yogurt, and poultry to get those B benefits.

4. Frizzy Hair

“Rinse with the coldest water you can bear, close the hair cuticle,” says Asemanfar. “This will make hair look sleek and helps tame frizz for a smoother finish.”

5. Split Ends

“Straight hair is prone to split ends and should be treated gently,” says Asemanfar. “Brush out your hair before wetting and applying any treatment to prevent knots and breakage.”

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