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Beauty at your Fingertips?

You'll want to know about the bizarre beauty test that's sweeping through China. (Read more)
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21 Uses for Coconut Oil

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How To Get Your Mascara To Do What You Want

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Why He Really Shouldn't Buy You Perfume

Getting a new fragrance for someone is always risky because it's so personal. It's sweet if he decides to take up the challenge, but here are five reasons why he should think twice before getting you a scented gift. (Read more)
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Office-friendly Nail Ideas

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10 Natural Remedies for Common Hair Problems

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Spa Botanica: A Review

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Nail Art goes High Tech

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Yoga and Meditation for Anxiety

Beat Anxiety with these simple Yoga exercises (Read more)
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Foods that fight wrinkles

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The Power of a Daily Bout of Exercise

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