Are you sleeping correctly?

Sleep - By TNN - March 07, 2014

Along with the number of hours that you sleep, your sleeping position also determines if you are well-rested or not.

In fact, an incorrect sleeping position can also cause stress on your back leading to backache and problems. Here are ways to improve your sleep.

Choose a sturdy mattress: Opt for a firm mattress instead of going in for a fluffy one that can ruin your back. Usually, mattresses should be changed after seven or eight years. If your mattress feels lumpy or soft, it's time to upgrade it.

Use the right pillow: Always support your neck with a pillow and opt for one which will support your spine. An extremely thick or hard pillow may end up hurting your neck and you might feel sore when you wake up. When sleeping on a pillow, make sure that your chin is parallel to your bed rather than resting on your chest.

Sleep on your side: Be it sleeping on your left or right, side-sleeping posture is recommended by most sleep experts. If you are not comfortable sleeping on the sides, sleep on your back and keep a pillow under your knees, so that they are raised a little.

Never sleep on your stomach: Sleeping on your stomach can stress your neck and spine. Similarly, some people use their hand to sleep on, that can often sprain your neck. As a result, avoid sleeping on your stomach.

Source: The India Times
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