Office-friendly Nail Ideas

Nails - By Schuyler Koss - March 25, 2014

If you work in a semi-casual outfit, these six easy looks are unique yet won't raise brows for the wrong reasons.

Bold Streak

Neon nails may be fun for the weekend, but during working hours, keep the pop of colour to just the tips. Bonus: less drying time means less chances of smudges. French manicure stickers will help you get the look in a jiffy.

All in the Family

For an adult spin on multicolour nails, stick to tones from the same colour family, and apply them from dark to light for a subtle ombre effect.

Straight and Narrow

Sleek modern stripes gives digits a chic look without screaming for attention. Paint them on with a striper tool if you have a steady hand, or opt for nail striping tape which you can buy online or in nail art stores.

Unexpected Accent


Glitter and deco art may be frowned upon in most corporate offices (and on grown women), but you can probably still pull it off if you keep it to just one finger. It'll add a cheeky twist to your otherwise standard mani.

Tone It Down


Just about any edgy hue can be downplayed by putting on a matte topcoat. Don't have one? A basecoat will give the same effect since it dries to a velvety finish.

Otherworldly Appeal

Moon manicures (aka moonicures) have a gorgeous vintage vibe without being over the top. Choose two hues and paint one on as the base. Once dry, apply a hole punch reinforcer sticker at the base of nail to form a crescent, then paint the top half of nail with the other shade. Peel off the sticker when the polish is dry and apply topcoat to finish.

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