What you need to know about laser resurfacing treatment

skin - By TNN - March 07, 2014

12406725_xxlLaser Technology was first used in medicine 40 years ago. It has evolved since then and now is present in all forms of medicinal and aethetics procedures. Still, there are those who are apprehensive about laser technology and its applications.

Ezyhealth tells us all about the evolution of Laser technology and how it was used to treat facial lines and acne scars to pigmentation and unwanted lesions. The technology has progressed to a stage where it is basically only two types of lasers that are used for treatment: Ablative and non-ablative lasers.

Ablative Lasers are more invasive as it actually vaporises the outer layers of the skin whereas non-ablative lasers work by heating up the skin tissues without destroying it. Naturally, there are some advantages and disadvantages for adopting either procedure but are equally safe and offer more choice to the end user. 

Overall, laser technology has come a long way and looks to be primary solution for anti-ageing treatments. 

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Source: Ezyhealth
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