Why He Really Shouldn't Buy You Perfume

perfume - By Schuyler Koss - April 21, 2014

There are so many pressies a guy could get you, but if he's feeling extra bold and trying to make a statement about how well he knows you, he might attempt to get you perfume. Props to him for trying, but YourTango shares five reasons why his gift will probably end up as just another pretty, untouched bottle on your dressing table.

1/ Perfumes smell differently on everyone
Our unique body chemistry and skin pH levels mean that a spicy scent that smells divine on you could smell like 'cheap Indian takeout' on someone else. For this reason, it's important to skip testing fragrances on those little paper strips at the counters and test them directly on your skin. Only then will you get an accurate sense of what a perfume might smell like on you.

2/ Fragrances go through phases
Most scents these days have top, middle and base olfactory notes, which are revealed over the course of a day. This means the perfume might smell different as it develops, and if you're going to wear it, you should definitely like how it smells at any one time.

3/ He can't determine the perfume's power
Two things he probably won't be able to test before buying: the fragrance's lasting power and sillage (the lingering scent in the air after you walk by). And these are factors that will probably matter to you.

4/ It's hard to hit the right notes
Despite his best guesses, it's really difficult to tell what someone will or won't like. The only person who will know is you. Plus he probably wouldn't know if you've had bad memories associated with scents like roses or musk for example.

5/ You'll feel obligated to wear it
He might not ask you to put on the scent he picked, but you'll feel bad leaving his gift untouched. And if you don't like it, wearing it will probably make you very unhappy, and there's a lot of perfume to go...

For more detailed reasons, hop over to this YourTango!

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